Intro to the Maker’s Series: From Mind to Market…

Creativity is basically the process of making, of bringing into being. — Rollo May

We are inundated with products with all kinds of purposes on a daily basis. Just look at the ads in the Sunday paper, or visit the iTunes Store that boasts over 65,000 apps, or try to watch a television program without a DVR.  Products everywhere! With the brain over stimulated, often the easiest thing to do is block it all out.

napkinmakerseriesBut wait!  You could miss something if you filter out 100% of what you are exposed to. Figure that for each product, there is a story (i.e. how it got from concept to market, how it got to your TV or newspaper, etc.). And I have found that sometimes the story behind how something got to market is more interesting than the actual good or service we’re being exposed to.

Like Mr. Poppins in that clip from Frank Capra’s “You Can’t Take It with You,” many of us have plenty of ideas. But how does one take it the next step… and the next… and the next?

Courage has a lot to do with it. Rollo May wrote:

…In human beings, courage is necessary to make being and becoming possible. An assertion of the self, a commitment, is essential if the self is to have any reality. This is the distinction between human beings and the rest of nature…

… A man or woman becomes fully human only by his or her choices and his or her commitment to them.

Source: “The Courage to Create

Dorothy Sayers, in her work titled, “The Mind of the Maker,” has spoken about the trinity of the creative process: Creative Idea, the Creative Energy, and the Creative Power. She has explained it in the context of writing a book, but what she said can easily be applied to any endeavor – the journey from mind to market.

First: the Book as Thought—the Idea of the book existing in the writer’s mind.

Secondly: the Book as Written—the Energy or Word incarnate, the express image of Idea.

Thirdly: the Book as Read—the Power of its effect upon and in the responsive mind.

She clarified two things that are fixed aspects of the Power… Like the Idea itself, it is immaterial and timeless.  My feeling is that the Power aspect is huge because that is the “Force” that rolls forward –igniting and enabling others.

You will have an opportunity to experience the Power that results from energized ideas here in this Maker Series and throughout this Jedemi site. And it is my intention that reading these stories will help encourage you to take that step to move your own Idea from mind to market.


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