Wandering Mind… Literally

A link to a video which was part of a campaign promoting “World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW)” just crossed my desk. Too bad it showed up a week late.

Apparently last week (April 15-21) was designated as “the one week in the year for everyone, at the same time, to be open to and generate new ideas, be open to and make new decisions and to be open to and take new actions that make the world a better place and make their place in the world better too. What you do during this time counts in your life and the lives of others.”

Yeah… they should have promoted this more heavily leading up to the week. For most of us here in the States, a week that starts with Tax Day isn’t exactly when we’d be thinking creatively. But I digress. For me, encouraging a wandering mind is a daily exercise… while I exercise.

Circling back, an agency called Zulu Alpha Kilo launched a pretty cool campaign for “World Creativity and Innovation Week,” that included a hilarious “wandering brain” stunt where a little brain with wheels was filmed wandering all over downtown Toronto.

Zulu also did a series of calendar-based prints that encouraged people to change up the way they do things for that week.

There’s a Facebook page if you want to stay looped into all things WCIW.

Check out the wandering mind (brain) here.

That’s some creative work, Zulu!

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