Super-Sized Me: Hot Wheel Stunt Sets Record

Indianapolis-based WISH-TV posted about a Hot Wheels stunt that took place before the Indy 500 on Sunday. At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, an X Games champ drove a Team Hot Wheels truck down a giant ramp –jumping it a ramp-to-ramp distance of 332 feet. The jump by Tanner Foust, three-time X Games gold medalist, bested the previous world record by 31 feet.

The stunt, “Hot Wheels Fearless at the 500 presented by IZOD,” involved a 10-story ramp, modeled on the Hot Wheels V-Drop toy set and “hanging” on a giant “closet door,” sent Foust speeding to 104 mph, just enough – with the tail wind blowing Sunday – to send him launching across the gap and into the history books.

>> See YouTube videos of the jump below<< AdWeek did a story about the the promo and made note of the fact that the driver’s name was being kept a secret.

They mentioned the stunt being the centerpiece of a whole 30-minute Hot Wheels program airing on ABC on the day of the race.

The trailer below, from Los Angeles agency Mistress and director Mike “Mouse” McCoy of Bandito Brothers, builds on the Area-51 style mythology the toy brand has created for its “Hot Wheels For Real” campaign.

The whole supersizing of the Hot Wheels cars has a magical quality about it—and it goes beyond mere gimmickry thanks to the jump, which frankly will be awesome to see. To literally rise up from nothing (well, next to nothing) and achieve what full-size cars never have? Now, that’s a David and Goliath story worth telling.

Here’s the promo trailer.

Videos of the Jump:


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