It’s for Real and it’s a Rosenthal…

Monday’s San Francisco Chronicle had a full page ad for Bloomingdale’s promoting their “Fun & Festive” gifts for $100 or under.

So I perused it and noticed what looked like a broken vase in the lower left corner. ???
Was that a joke? Did someone muck up the photoshoot?

So I jumped online and checked out Noting that it was a “Rosenthal,” I searched and found it:

Yes, it really is a vase that appears smashed for $35.

It’s formal name is “Rosenthal Vase of Phases Matte Mini Vase.”

It IS indeed mini — just 4-inches tall.

For your $35, you get a collector’s box along with the “broken” vase.

And apparently the Rosenthal name is world-famous. Rosenthal AG is an independent company within the Waterford Wedgwood Holding, the largest maker of products for the well-laid table

About Rosenthal

> Rosenthal AG, Germany

> The brand name Rosenthal today stands for international lifestyle.

> Rosenthal has been an extraordinary faceted company now over 125 years. With its fascinating brands it is seen as one of the world’s leading producers of up-to-date, innovative design for the well-laid table, for furniture and for giftware available in 97 countries around the globe.

The Rosenthal Fast Mini Vase got some notice from Real Simple and Gizmodo.


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