Cheerios & Trader Joes: Real Simple’s 18 Top Cereals posted a slideshow/story covering a topic near and dear to my heart (and stomach) — The Best Breakfast Cereals.Of course, I was curious because I REALLY like my cereal. I wanted to see what constituted a “Best” designation. Apparently, The Real Simple testers ate their way through 42 boxes and came up with the leader in 18 categories (i.e. Classic, O’s, Corn Flakes, Flax, Fruity, HIgh Fiber Twigs, etc.).

For The Best O’s, the testers picked Cheerios for their “pure oaty flavor” and “hearty crunch.” I had been a big fan of Cheerios until I tried Joe’s O’s, the house brand for Trader Joe’s. They taste great (with or without milk).  Plus, at $1.99 for a 15 oz box vs $4 for a 14 oz box of Cheerios, it was dunk (2 boxes for the price of one!).

cereal-classic-corn_300I was happy to see the testers agreed with me about The Best Corn Flakes — Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Flakes. The they liked the strong corn flavor and how the sturdy flakes hold their shape. I agree. Also, because they are sturdy, the are great dry!

As for The Best Honey-Nut O’s, the winner is…  Honey Nut Cheerios (Of course!).  Now that’s a classic!

Ones not on the list, perhaps because they decided to cut off the number of categories at 18, are as follows:

Best Rice Cereal: Tie between Special K and Rice Chex

Best Combo Cereal: Crispix (Crispy times two!)

Best Prices for Cereal: Every day best pricing is Wal-Mart


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