JetBlue Hearts Glaser (and NY)

I saw a story in The New York Times that showed a lot renditions of Milton Glaser‘s famous “I Heart NY” logo. Apparently, it was inspired by JetBlue Airways becoming the first company authorized to the “I  Heart NY” logo in an advertising campaign.

The Times invited readers to design other interpretations of the iconic symbol. They received over 200 submissions from all over the world.


The print article showed over 30 logos with some very amusing captions.

The story went on to note that Mr. Glaser, who made the original in 1975 and created the JetBlue one, said, “I have seen my share of variations, and I always find them charming and amusing.”


A recent  Fast Company story delved into the JetBlue connection.

Back in July, Fiona Morrisson, JetBlue’s director of brand and advertising, met Glaser at his studio in midtown Manhattan to figure out how two brands that had been on their own could form a marriage of equals. Glaser presented the logos in various states of co-branding. When Morrisson saw the X formation, with the heart forming the center of the intersection, she knew. Her only change: JetBlue appeared on the downward axis, the wrong direction for an airline.

glaserIt’s pretty cool to dig into the story behind the story.

The gallery is one to bookmark and refer to often — especially when you need a bit of inspiration.

And speaking of inspiration, on Milton Glaser’s website, there is a very interesting post titled “Ten Things I Have Learned.” It was part of a talk he did in 2001 (AIGA Talk in London, November 22, 2001):

  1. You can only work for people that you like.
  2. If you have a choice, never have a job.
  3. Some people are toxic — avoid them.
  4. Professionalism is not Enough or The good is the enemy of the Great.
  5. Less is not necessarily more.
  6. Style is not to be trusted.
  7. How you live changes your brain.
  8. Doubt is better than c certainty.
  9. On Aging.
  10. Tell the Truth.

Good nuggets for sure.

Glaser is a hip cat too. You can follow him on both Facebook and Twitter.


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