Just Say No to Embargoes…

In the PR Industry there is the concept of embargo, which basically means that you can pre-brief a journalist or blogger on a topic with the intent of getting them to write a story that coincides with the press release hitting the wire… but NOT before.

Embargoes are painfully annoying. Over at TechCrunch, Michael Arrington has written rants on topics that can best be described as “Stupid PR Tricks.” There are two recent posts that really made me laugh. A contributing editor at TechCrunch Europe, Steve O’Hear, has created couple of videos that show conversations between a PR professional and a blogger or journalist. Arrington noted, “We have this same conversation oh, five or more times per day.”

Here are the videos.

Embargoes – Part 1

Embargoes – Part 2

BTW. The software he used is quite fun.


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