LA Dodgers Tickets are Oscar Mike

As I was perusing my Wall Street Journal, this story popped out… leading with the number 65.


I thought to myself, what the heck is a “Ticket Truck“?

koreantacotrkApparently, the Los Angeles Dodgers just unveiled the baseball club’s first mobile ticketing unit. According to the announcement, the Dodgers Ticket Truck will be the first-of-its-kind in MLB that will take sales on the road and give fans access to Dodger tickets in their own communities.

So its like one of those Korean Taco trucks or those high-end, dessert trucks? desserttruck

That would be pretty darn cool actually.

The game plan is to have the Ticket Truck on the move to various community festivals, events, concerts, parks, grocery stores, retail locations, and throughout greater Los Angeles neighborhoods — taking tickets directly to the fans with no service fee.


Plus, just like those food trucks, fans can keep updated on the location of the Dodgers Ticket Truck by following the Dodgers on Twitter at


To kick off the promo, they had local rap icon Snoop Dogg taking the truck on its inaugural voyage.

And back to the 65… that’s a reference to the top speed of the Ticket Truck. In LA, that pretty much means it is relegated to back streets.


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