The New Chevy “Sappy-rado” Ad: Feels Weird…

Over the weekend, a new Chevy ad hit the airwaves. If you watched sports, you may have caught a glimpse of it. A little boy is playing with his “Tonka Toy” version of a Silverado truck — having created an imaginary world that supposedly mirrors his Dad’s (who just so happens to drive a Silverado truck).

See for yourself below.

To me, it felt kind of too forced — like you knew exactly where it was heading.

The “Action League Now” reference in the AdWeek write-up was kind interesting (and insightful).

I think it would have been pretty funny if a real life version of that fantasy woman got out of the truck with the Dad at the end.


Client: Chevrolet
Spot: “Like Father, Like Son”
Director, Advertising and Sales Promotion: Kevin Mayer
Group Manager: Rich Martinek
National Advertising Manager, Chevy Trucks: Heather Stewart

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Co-Chairman/Creative Director: Jeff Goodby
Partner/Creative Director: Jamie Barrett
Executive Creative Director: Hunter Hindman
Associate Creative Director: Chris Roe
Copywriter: Matthew Bottkol
Art Director: Todd Eisner
Director of Broadcast Production: Cindy Fluitt
Executive Producer: Hilary Coate
Senior Producer: Jon Drawbaugh
Assistant Producer: John Riddle
Group Account Director: Todd Grantham
Account Director: Tanin Blumberg
Account Manager: Carolina Cruz-Letelier
Assistant Account Manager: Phong Tran
Operations Director: Paul Brennan
Senior Brand Strategy Director: Ben Parker
Brand Strategist: Will Burroughs
Junior Brand Strategist: Ralph Paone


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