Lose the Keys, Gain Time…

According to a story that appeared in The Wall Street Journal, UPS (United Parcel Service) has come up with a way to speed up deliveries/reduce costs — that doesn’t involve breaking any laws.

Having already optimized many of the delivery-related processes and procedures (i.e. drivers avoid left turns and are required to walk at a brisk 2.5 paces a second), the company is now moving in the direction of using a keyless system in its trucks which will save approximately $70 million over the course of a year.

Rather than muck around with turning off the truck and using the key to open up the bulkhead door to get to the packages, the drivers will wear a digital-remote fob on their belts which will takes care of both functions without fumbling around.

According to the chief operating officer at UPS, David Abney, “That automatic door opening will save 1.75 seconds per stop, or 6.5 minutes per driver per day, while also reducing motion and fatigue.”

Apparently, like some people can have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), UPS has OED (Obsessive Efficiency Disorder). It might end up being a really good thing all around for the company and its drivers.


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