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We have received another fantastic post from Mr. Pete (Peter Gladue) who leveraged his curious mind to learn more about a truly amazing woman. His write-up is in 2-parts.  Read on!

Last year, one of the most moving videos I watched on YOUTUBE was from Comic-Con.  It was a signing panel where Gal Gadot (the star of Wonder Woman the movie) was interacting with a little girl who was dressed as Wonder Woman.  The little girl was crying tears of joy at having met her hero.  

Although this hero was a fictional character (comic book/movie),  the positive social messages communicated via the Wonder Woman story, can (and will) have a dramatic effect on anyone – and especially a young person’s life.  

The story of Wonder Woman the movie – including the struggles of the female director in creating it, and the global success at the box office – will have a society/ cultural impact long after the last spotlight is turned off during that season’s Red Carpet Award Show. There are many unknown true stories that can also have the same effect on this NEW generation. Slowly, media has been exposing these stories and I happened to stumble across one this week.

It was a campaign ad for Mary Jennings Hegar simply called “Doors.”  Like any good campaign ad, “Doors,” explains WHO Mary Jennings Hegar is, WHAT her background is and WHY she WANTS to run for her Congressional Seat in Deep-Red Texas.  The story was amazing and positive, and the “Doors” theme was strong and clear throughout the brief nearly four-minute presentation.


Mostly importantly, it sparked in me the desire to seek out more information about M.J. Hegar.  [#SCMF]

Internet searches on Google led me to discover that she had written a book titled, “Shoot Like A Girl: One Woman’s Dramatic Fight in Afghanistan and on the Home Front” (Penguin/Random House) March 2017.

In that book she writes about her three tours in Afghanistan, performing combat search-and-rescue missions culminating in a harrowing rescue attempt that would earn her the Purple Heart as well as the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device.

It also includes her struggles with the Combat Exclusion Policy, which led her to file suit against the US Secretary of Defense.  Because of her courage to challenge the constitutionality of said policy, it was repealed in 2013.

As explained in her “Doors” video, if you don’t like something YOU have the POWER to change it. 

Note:  This book has been optioned by Tri-Star, Angelina Jolie is up for consideration for the lead.

Although M.J. ‘s life story has pages yet to be written, we definitely have a true life, female hero (coming soon to the big screen) —  an American Wonder Woman — to encourage and influence a New Power Generation.

–Peter Gladue

And there’s more to this story! Check out the companion post.

Thanks for reading! May the Jedemi Force be with you!

—The Gang

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