New Artwork Unveiled for Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary

Awe inspiring! Check out the Huffington Post story and scroll down to see a slide show of the pictures that SF local advertising icon Rich Silverstein and Claude Shade took from tip-top” of the Golden Gate Bridge. They went with an engineer in order to capture such unexpected angles (Indeed!).

“I’ve lived here 40 years and I know every angle of that bridge, and I just wanted a chance to show it to people,” Silverstein told The Huffington Post. “The details of the bridge are gorgeous, but I didn’t want to do a cliche. The bridge is 75 years old and it’s still fresh today.”

Per Carly Schwartz, author of the post, Mr. Silverstein has long dedicated his time to advancing the causes of the bridge and San Francisco’s overarching parks community. His advertising agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, has provided pro-bono services to the organization for decades.

Besides the post, if you live in or around San Francisco, you will be able to see banners showing these awesome pictures. Plus, they are available for purchase at the Golden Gate Bridge store with proceeds going to the Parks department.

Note: This post is a result of another serendipitous occurrence. Saw a reference in Facebook that I pursued.

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