Jedemi Icons Unveiled…

Thanks to the prodding of Red Staple Lori, I have been busy moving scripts I’ve written (The Jedemi Chronicles) to iBook format.

My stories have ample opportunities to engage the reader on a number of levels.  Lori suggested I have icons inserted which would indicate areas where the readers can learn more.

For that task, I turned to my favorite cartoonist/ illustrator, Mark Hill.

The primary ones are:

  • movie camera icon (film or video references)
  • book cart icon (book / writing references)
  • jukebox icon (music reference)
  • info globe icon (general information).

So here’s what he drew up.

Film & Video

Books - Writings



Info & Ideas


Pretty cool, eh?  They’ll appear smaller in the iBook, but you get the point.

And as you learn more about the Chronicles, no doubt you’ll understand the meaning of these guys.

My Guys


Staple Dog is ready to read.

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