OTW and other MJ influences…

Last week, after the news of Michael Jackson’s death hit and ricocheted its way across the airwaves and the blogosphere, many of is took a step back and pondered how we’d like to remember Michael.

Dancin’ machine pops to mind. He certainly was that.

Then there was that phrase that popped into my lexicon along with these lyrics:

“We’re the party people night and day, livin’ crazy that’s the only way…“

At the time in my life that “Off the Wall” was released into the world, I really connected with what he was singing.  And OTW became something I said a lot, as in, “That’s so OTW!”

So I went out to the Web, and soon found myself on YouTube looking at videos I hadn’t seen in a long time. “Beat it” and “Smooth Criminal” and, of course, “Thriller.”  In fact, on Friday, YouTube had a special feature channel on Michael Jackson videos and when I scrolled down, I did a double take when I discovered a very clever 13-minute LEGO version of Thriller.  Philipp and Miriam Lents created this work of art. I would love to know the story behind this, like how many hours it took to shoot and edit.

Anyway, wherever you Lents are in the world, you’ve got a fan. This is truly OTW!

For your viewing pleasure, the Philipp & Miriam Lents version of “Thriller” starring LEGOS!

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