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This seemed liked such a non sequitur that I had to do some digging. AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day” talked about “Me the Musical” by Intel.

From what I could figure out, it is a Facebook App that is designed to collect some basic info and images from your Facebook and then create a video for you.

Right away, I was afraid. Clicking on the URL, ‪‬ brings you to a landing page that drives you to Facebook without much in the way of an explanation. The tag says, “Bringing Your Timeline to Life” and allegedly “takes you on a respective journey through our collective past, via song and dance.” How about managing my expectations a bit, people?

I want to give it a try, but would really like some control over the end result. Seems like I need to spend some time fiddling with the permissions.

Here’s the trailer for “Me the Movie.”

I managed to find a press release with a dateline of Hong Kong that proclaimed the following:

> Facebook users have a fun new way to experience the popular social media network thanks to “Me The Musical,” a novel on-line experience from Intel Corporation that celebrates our recent past through a musical movie.

> Intel’s “Me The Musical” creates a personalized animated movie which takes Facebook users on an entertaining journey, via song and dance, through world events.

> It begins with the user’s date of birth and moves through a series of musical scenes which draw on the key themes of each decade from the 1950s to today. Along the way it adds a personal touch by including friends from Facebook and reminders of significant individual milestones.

> “Me The Musical” is a world first, according to Jayant Murty, Intel’s director of brand strategy and integrated marketing for Asia Pacific, and its purpose is to entertain. “It is important to celebrate an interesting past with an eye on the future, ” he said.

Regarding how it works, the it states the following:

>> Facebook users visit and log on using their account (the application adheres to Facebook’s privacy guidelines and Intel’s own privacy policy).

>> Me The Musical’s opening scenes show a mythical stork making a special delivery on the user’s date of birth.

>> Throughout the experience, the user is represented by a simple avatar and is accompanied by other avatars adorned with images of their Facebook friends. The group moves together down a path which represents the passage of time.

>> Me The Musical features iconic moments including the moon landing, creation of the World Wide Web, rise of email and, of course, introduction of Facebook itself. In keeping with Intel’s role as a “sponsor of tomorrow,” it ends with a symbolic step into the future.

So is there a point to all this?

According to Intel’s Murty, “At its heart, ‘Me The Musical’ is a celebration of shared experiences and of the things that unite us.” Examples include a love of nostalgia, of storytelling, and music and dance are themes common to many of the world’s cultures.

Now that sounds interesting!

“It is an experience that is both general and very personal at the same. By including selected elements from your own personal profile, ‘Me The Musical’ helps to show your life against a broader context of what was happening in the world at the time.”

So far so good. And now for the Intel Inside kicker:

>> “Me The Musical” also serves to highlight the enormous impact technology has made in people’s lives. The release mentions how “the invention of the microprocessor has changed our lives remarkably.”

And talk about burying the lead, way towards the bottom is this tidbit — a plug for Ultrabooks:

Ultrabooks are a new category of devices inspired by Intel. Its vision for the Ultrabook is a multi-year, industry-wide endeavor in which they will increasingly deliver on the promise toward a no-compromise, most complete, satisfying and more secure computing experience.

The latest Ultrabook systems raise the bar for users’ computing experiences and enable more choices in style and design while delivering increased responsiveness, improved power efficiency, greater security and up to 2x better media and graphics over previous generations.

So “Me The Musical” is supposed to raise awareness of Ultrabooks? Really?

I actually think the commercial shown during the Olympics did a pretty good job doing that. Here’s the long version:


CREDITS “Me The Musical”
Client: Intel
Agency: Projector, Tokyo
Production Company: Nexus
ECD: Chris O’Reilly
Director: Smith & Foulkes
CG Supervisor: Michael Greenwood
Art Director: Colin Bigelow
3D Artist: Jay Harwood
3D Artist: Dara Cazemea
Compositor: Rachel Rardin
Technical Director: Pete Addington
Animator: Alex Griggs
Animator: Stuart Doig
Animator: Eoin Coughlan
Animator: Steven Brown
Animator: Conor Ryan
Producer: Tracey Cooper
PM.: Claire Thompson

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