Get Ready to Roomba!

Can a robot inspire you to do “the robot”? That’s what the new ad campaign for iRobot wants you to believe. Actually, the point of Dance Revolution seems to be that with Roomba handling the chore of clearing your floor, you’ve got extra time to move your body.

Here are a couple of the videos:

Now if you are really inspired, go to the special iRobot channel at YouTube where you can upload a video of your iRobot-inspired dance as part of the Dance Revolution contest.

Entrants have a chance to win one of 20 free Roomba vacuum cleaning robots. Also, three lucky finalists will receive a limited edition trophy designed by iRobot.

If anything, this raises the level of robot-awareness. In fact, when I bounced over to the iRobot website, I found a link to Cool Stuff. Even better than the Roomba dancing if you ask me.


Note: If you get The Wall Street Journal or subscribe to it online, there was an essay about carpet / floor cleaning robots over the weekend.

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