Washing Machine Challenge Goes Viral: McIlroy vs. Jeff the Robot…

Tommie caught a glimpse of this 4-minute video that went super-viral in just one day. As a promo for the European Tour, where the Irish Open is currently being played, golf professional Rory McIlroy is being challenged by a robot to hit washing machine targets.


It is a throwback challenge. When Rory was nine-years old he made an appearance on at talk show (the Kelly Show) and confidently chipped golf balls into his mom’s Rosie’s washing machine from 20 yards.

The robot who goes by Jeff, is probably a close relative to Bender from Futurama based on his trash talking, which is hilarious. See for yourself.

What got Tommie’s attention was the Jeff’s full name: Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine. Where is the lab?

He found out that this challenge was filmed at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, so it is possible Tommie will be hitching a ride East to see for himself. Stay tuned.


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