AWSI: Dancing Police – The Challenge Goes Viral…


An AP story appeared in the left side of Monday’s print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle (Section C) that could have been easily missed. The picture plus headline got us to stop.

Dancing police goes viral — craze sweeping nation

The picture showed members of the Los Angeles police department dancing on the field in Dodgers Stadium.

dancing police viral video

Left-side surprise

Per the story, these videos are part of an effort for police departments to “to become more community-friendly and improve their image.”

Our search brought up a story which appeared last week in the Detroit Free Press showing the Detroit Police Department having a little fun as part of the Running Man Challenge dance-off.

Detroit police fist
You can find the video here.
Embedding has been disabled on this particular video.

We especially liked the “mike drop” in the form of a belt drop.


You can find the LAPD one here. That story also shows New York’s video.

And as far as police departments go, apparently this challenge started down under — in New Zealand.

As we see it, this a whole lot of good clean fun. It is nice to see the police smiling and jamming in their uniforms –a reminder that they are human too. We hope to see more of this type of contagious enthusiastic dancing.


—The Gang

Bonus Content:

Where it began — The Ellen Show clip.


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