Sonic ‘Secret Weapon’ Ad: Summertime Fun!

Caught a glimpse of the new Sonic ad today while watching a baseball game. It was one of those times I wished I had a TiVo on this particular television. So instead, I poked around on online and found it posted on YouTube.

The ad, called “Secret Weapon,” is very funny. See for yourself!

What I found out in the related videos is that this was part of a contest (see behind the scenes below), which is part of a bigger campaign (and related website) called: “This is How You Sonic

Upon further digging, I found out that Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GSP) is behind this bit of creative.

Of course! In fact, I think I looked up because it had that GSP feel/sound.

What I especially dig is the “year round” creative that they deliver. Why wait for January? This ad rocks!


There’s the behind the scenes video:

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