Things I Finished by Sarai: MUNNY & My Imagination

So far the focus has been on things that got finished during a particular week. But this time around, we’ve got a new twist — what if the finished “thing” was actually just the start?

For Sarai Hoffman, that is the case of this week’s project — a doll that she breathed some life into.

The “doll” came from MUNNYWORLD . And MUNNYWORLD came from a company called KidRobot.

Kidrobot came up with proprietary soft vinyl figurines which resemble cartoon animals based on urban graffiti and stencil art. They are sold as unpainted, “blank canvas,” do-it-yourself (DIY) pieces.

On the website, there is a gallery with plenty of examples of custom designs that folks have created through a combination of “scribbling, piercing, painting, posing, piling, dressing up, and sculpting.”

Now that you have a little background, here is Sarai’s story:

It has a long time the I bought this little doll blank and I have being putting as far as I can just for the simple fact the I have no inspiration what so ever.

Finally I came to a decision I’m going to finish it.

The question here is who is this character?

I have been working on it, hopefully this week I can get my imagination wild. This is the first try!

Where to Buy…

A 4-inch white edition of the mini MUNNY can be purchased online for $9.95.

There are physical store locations in New York City (Prince Street), San Francisco (The Haight) , Los Angeles (Melrose), Miami Beach and London.

Also, a selection of Kidrobot figures can be found at Urban Outfitters (both online and in its retail stores).


Their motto is “You can do anything you want!”
Clearly Sarai has done that. So, what’s next? Any ideas for the storyline here?


Some More Cool Ideas…


Kid Punk 16 Animated Short


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