Unpacking Imagination – Endless Possibilities…

In the Sunday Opinion section of The New York Times, there was a full page story titled, “Unpacking Imagination.”  Written by David Rockwell, the president of the Rockwell Group, an architecture and design firm, it talks about creating the Imagination Playground in Lower Manhattan.


It is a playground with lots of loose parts for children to create their own play spaces. He said that the concept was based on the realization that “many of the elements with the greatest value to children were inexpensive and portable.”

The Playground in a Box can be put together for under $10,000. (Land costs not included!). Compare that to traditional playgrounds, which can easily cost in the millions to build, the “boxed imagination playgrounds” are a bargain.

It is a concept worth pondering. For sure, a smaller bite in the $10K range is more conducive for sponsorships by businesses and private groups alike.


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