A Timely Notable Quotable From Torii Hunter

The Sunday New York Times did a feature story on the Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter.  The timing seemed perfect considering how he was seen playing all out chasing a home run ball into the Red Sox bullpen later that evening.

You can read about it (and view it) here.


What was awesome about the NY Times piece was this notable quotable they captured.

“Fear, doubt and worry, that’s what kills your dreams,” he said, adding: “In life and in baseball, if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, that’s because you feared it, you doubted it and you worried about it. So I don’t worry, fear or doubt. I just go out and play and whatever the results are, that’s what’s meant to be.”


I made myself a little poster that I’m going to hang in my office that combines that quote with the picture above.

He’s tough as nails with the right attitude.  Torii rocks!


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  1. Torii’s quote about fear reminded me of another thoughtful quote on the same topic mentioned in the movie “After Earth” (not that great of a movie — but worth watching for the quote alone) — http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1815862/quotes?item=qt1946994

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