TV Commercial Filmed & Edited on the iPhone 4

Here’s an iPhone 4 story that doesn’t involve the antenna. Springwise has spotted the first TV commercial filmed and edited entirely on the iPhone 4. mymuesli’s founders were so impressed by the phone’s video quality, that they decided to use it for an ad that highlighted the convenience aspect of mymuesli2go.


Embeded below, the ad features a skydiver eating cereal before jumping out of a plane. It is followed by a “making of” video.

mymuesli’s commercial aired on German and Austrian television.

The take-away here is that we all can become visual storytellers using tools we are carrying with us.  You aren’t limited to using an iPhone.  This capability is also available on Android powered devices.


mymuesli2go, a tv commercial – filmed and edited on an iPhone 4 from Max Wittrock on Vimeo.

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