iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Prompt Creativity…

There have been all kinds of really creative posts ever since the antenna issue with the iPhone 4 came to light.  Apparently there’s a “bumper” for that.  Apple said — you’re holding it the wrong way!

There was a cartoon.


And a Rap video


And a play off of WSJ/All Thing’s Digital pundit, Walt Mossberg.

Let’s keep the creativity rolling!


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  1. Frankie says:

    And this post talks about what iPhone buyers want (http://tinyurl.com/24axq9p). Seems like the spec of DROID phones.

  2. Yeah. Now the lawsuits are flying. Clearly some people don’t find this funny.

  3. There was a cartoon with South Park-style language, making the rounds. According to this post, the guy who did it may lose his job.

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