Who Ya Gonna Call? Jedemi Introduces DragonBustRs Logo

With the help of an extremely talented artist (Mark Hill of Hill Cartoons and Humorous Illustrations), we have come up with a really cool logo that sums up what Jedemi is really about. In essence, if you are going to “Follow your bliss,” then you need to be prepared for the various dragons that will block your path.

From "The Power of Myth"

From “The Power of Myth”


We first unveiled him on FaceBook.

DragonBustR Logo Unveiled

DragonBustR Logo Unveiled


The following shows the evolution of the idea.  Definitely inspired by Ghostbusters.

Like Ghost Busters...

In development – Initial ideas


Capturing the attitude.

Capturing the attitude.


We are really happy with the logo Mark developed.  Stay tuned for more info on DragonBustRs.

-The Gang

Note: Special thanks to Mark Hill for making this concept come to life.


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