What We’re Reading – the 0302 edition

February flew on by. Even with the extra Leap Day, we still didn’t get as far as we’d like on the reading front. And, of course, more interesting things snuck their way in.

On the plus side, we are being proactive — snatching time to read wherever we can. We’ve also been adapting our formats for anytime, anywhere reading.


Last month we mentioned getting a hold of a Kindle book by Jason Fry (Sportswriting in the Digital Age Kindle Edition).

It consists of a series of articles (roughly 1000 words) he wrote pre-2011 aimed at giving advice on how to use Twitter and other social media / online outlets to adapt to how sports fans keeping up with what’s going on these days. So far, we’ve enjoyed his writing style and the information being conveyed.

What we found intriguing is that he has an incredibly interesting background.

JasonFry is a veteran of The Wall Street Journal Online and co-writer of the renowned Mets blog Faith and Fear in Flushing. He has written more than two dozen Star Wars books and short stories for publishers including Random House, DK, Scholastic and Disney Books. And, he has developed his own series —part high-seas adventure and part space-age epic — called The Jupiter Pirates.

An Amazon find!

An Amazon find!

We couldn’t resist checking it out especially after reading this from his Amazon author page:

I’ve had a blast writing the series and can’t wait to share it with people. Officially the Jupiter Pirates books are for kids 8-12, but readers far older than that will enjoy them too.

We’re reading the paperback version. Stay tuned for an update / review.

Also on the non-electronic front, we recently received the latest (Spring 2016) issue of Lucky Peach (Issue 18: Versus). Self-described as “A Quarterly Journal of Food vs. Writing.” The writing is quite good and it deserves a dedicated block of time to read and digest.

Note: Speaking of digest, they have several food science pieces that are easily digestible (as in not too overwhelming).

Journal of Food vs. Writing

Journal of Food vs. Writing

Amusing back cover to the Versus issue.

Amusing back cover to the Versus issue.

The San Francisco vs. New York “versus” was the first piece delved into.

The NY Piece.

The NY Piece.


The San Francisco piece.

Lucky Peach Issue 18: Versus

What we are really excited about is screenplay for “The Big Short.” Obtained a PDF version which made its way to the Kindle Reader on my iPad mini via the “Send to Kindle” app.

We grabbed it just before the Academy Awards ceremony took place. It ended up winning for Adapted Screenplay. Adapted from the Michael Lewis book (hard cover 2010; paperback 2011).

Book that inspired the movie.

Book that inspired the movie.

Really, really enjoying it. The opening quote is a keeper too!

The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slowwitted
man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but
the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most
intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows
already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.
— Leo Tolstoy, 1897

Ongoing Reading

As for ongoing reading, the Joss Whedon biography is drawing to a close. We have reached “The Avengers” chapter (34), which means the journey is drawing to a close. It’s been a wonderful read.

The last few chapters...

The last few chapters…

As you can see, having a curious mind can lead to a never-ending stack of reading material in all form factors. It’s all good! So, what’s on your reading stack? Please let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or email us.


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