Toll House Tales: All Fired Up -104

Cookies as ice breaker.  The taming begins...

Cookies as ice breaker. The taming begins…

The Cookie Adventure begins. Doogie tries to charm young Julie, who isn’t giving him the time of day. But then, something happens. Is the all work, no play spell broken?


This is a repeat of the scenario that Fran wrote about in her Journal. Doogie is at the entrance of Julie’s cubicle and she doesn’t even notice him.

Stomp-like, he takes a pen from his pocket and starts rhythmically tapping on the cookie tin to get her attention.

She looks up, doesn’t recognize the person in her cubicle, and looks back at her screen. Doogie could have been offended by this, instead, he held his ground.


You sure are a busy lady… probably the busiest I’ve ever seen…and that means a lot considering…

(he’s babbling– something he tends to do when he’s nervous and excited at the same time)

(still without looking up)

I’ve got tons to do and not enough time to do it… AND I CERTAINLY DON’T HAVE time for idle chit-chat.

Doogie looks at her with an amused look on his face. Clearly he’s relishing this challenge. While taking in what’s in Julie’s cube–making mental notes of what’s in her bookcase, on her visitor chair (a FRY’S AD), what’s on her whiteboard, he continues.


I agree with most of what you just said (he says sympathetically) … I swear management around here operates in this sort of low-grade crisis mode– like all the time. It certainly makes it hard to prioritize your action items — especially when everything is marked urgent.

Julie finally looks up and smiles. Doogie, smiling in his eyes because of the apparent breakthrough (BUT remaining in control of his emotions), steps a bit closer to Julie’s desk.


Sorry to barge in like this. I’m Doogie. I live in the cubicle down
the hall…

Before she can say anything (like so what?), he pulls open the top of the cookie tin.


…And I thought that someone as hard working as you deserved a
break today… and not a McDonald’s break, but the best type of break –a cookie break, that is.

Holding the tin to her.


Try one of these. I guarantee it’s the best cookie you’ve ever tasted.

With one eye on her computer screen, Julie hesitates. Then coincidentally, her stomach emits a small growl.


Aw…Come on. No time to be bashful. Besides, by the sounds of it, I’m guessing that you probably skipped your nutritious breakfast this morning.

He puts the tin on her desk and steps slightly back. Julie looks, hesitates, and then slowly reaches into her desk drawer, pulls out a napkin and then helps herself to a cookie.


Thank you. Wow. They sure are different looking. What kind are
they? Did you make them? What’s the significance of the design on them?

[Audience sees a close up of the design on the cookies.]


I’d answer… but I don’t want to get into the whole “idle chit-chat”
thing… you know what I mean.

Julie gives him a look and then softens and laughs quietly.
At that point, Julie’s phone rings.


I’ll let you get that.

He waves good-bye and then turns around and quietly leave her cubicle. He’s smiling ear to ear as he walks swiftly down the hallway with the tin in one hand, and pumping his fist with his other hand.


Over the shoulder shot, we see Fran has a weather site up in one corner of her screen. She’s checking out the 5-Day forecast for Portland. Her e-mail is pinging as more messages slide in. But she is deep in thought about the
Portland thing– and hasn’t noticed Doogie returning with the cookie tin.

His ornery side is showing, probably fueled by his minor victory with young Julie– so he tiptoes over to Fran’s desk (her back faces the doorway when she’s working on her computer) and scares the hell out of her.

(masking his voice)

What are you working on? Where are those deliverables you owe?

The word deliverable snaps Fran to attention. She quickly clicks to close the window of the weather website, slides her chair back and spins it around, towards the voice. In her rush, she knocks a stack of papers on the floor. Then, mortified, she gets down on all fours to retrieve the papers.


Be right with you sir!

Then she hears a familiar laugh and looks up.


Damn! I should have known it was you. You’ve got the Chief’s voice down–you know. If that writing gig doesn’t work out for you, you might want to consider doing stand-up.

Doogie comes over, behind the desk, and stoops down to help her retrieve the few remaining pages. He has a “cat who ate the canary” grin on his face, which puzzles Fran.


What? It wasn’t that funny.

(trying to contain his excitement, he nonchalantly responds.)

I did it…


Did what?


Got her to talk to me… just now…in her cubicle…


Oh really? Did she say anything more than just, “Get out!”?


Very funny.


So like… what did she say? Something about “No time for idle chit-chat”?


How did ja… (catches himself). Well, actually…

Doogie is trying to make it sound good when a knock is heard on the cubicle wall [actually it’s Doogie’s wall but they can’t tell, so they both reply]

(in unison)

Be right with you!

Both Doogie and Fran jump up off the floor to face Julie, who gives them the “What have you guys been doing?” look.


Hey, Julie! What’s up?


That cookie was so awesome, I felt compelled to track you down to let
you know. Fran, fearing that Doogie is going to jump into his best Sally Field imitation (You like me, you really like me!), nudges Doogie in the shins to try to distract him… but he’s clearly on a roll.


…thanks … thanks for doing that… for leaving your cubie to seek me out… that means a lot to me… you see…

(cutting him off)

Don’t mind him. He’s prone to bouts of idle chit-chat…


Me? Idle chit-chat? Why that’s ridiculous…

They talk fast over each other.


Come on! You, sir are so the master of idle chit chat…


Oh yeah, well you aren’t exactly…

Julie clears her throat.


Ah! I’m sorry. Looks like I caught you in the middle of something. I better get back…

Doogie is turning red and starting to perspire. He pipes up.


That something was nothing… nothing at all… Yeah, I was just bringing Fran back her cookie tin when….

Julie is looking puzzled.


Her (pointing) tin? I thought you…

Fran picks up on her puzzlement, and quickly jumps in – changing the subject. She extends her hand to Julie.


Hey, Julie. I’m glad we finally have a chance to meet and talk face-
to-face. I’ve admired your work in staff.

Julie pauses to think. Going over in her mind the attendees in the room.


Oh… Yes…Of course. You’re the one in the corner. Sitting away from the conference table.


Yeah. I like taking more of a back seat– observing what’s going on.
Besides. I’m just there to take notes for my boss who always seems
to be either on the road or just unavailable to attend.

Now Doogie is acting all fidgety. You can tell he wants to inject himself into the conversation somehow.


Yeah right (directed at Fran). I thought you hung back because you
hated staff and wanted to be able to draw cartoons in your notebook
without getting called on.


Cartoons? Say what?

Fran shoots him a look, but he’s on a roll. They are both giving Doogie polite attention with the appropriate head nods, but you can tell that deep inside, they both are wondering if he’ll ever shut up.


Come on, you’ve shown me some of your handy work. Very “Work is
” funny if you ask me. (he continues now looking directly at Julie) Hey Julie…You thought you were busy? You should see Ms. Miller here — with her upcoming product launch. I swear, between the two of you –busy is pretty much covered for the entire company. As for me…

Now Julie is the one fidgeting. She reaches over to Fran’s desk to grab a business card — which she plays with in her hands. Then suddenly, a look of shock crosses her face.


How mortifying (said in monotone).

Fran shoots Doogie a “now you’ve done it” look.


It’s not that bad. Don’t pay attention to him… he’s just rambling…

Doogie shoots her a look.


Rambling. eh? Since when do I ramble?

Julie steps closer to Fran shaking her head.


What’s mortifying is that I just realized that I’ve been blowing off
your e-mails. So you’re the FMiller who’s been looking for help
with a product launch.

Fran extends her hand again, and Julie shakes it.


I’m so sorry. You see. When every e-mail comes in with urgent on it, it’s hard to tell what to do first.

Fran gives Doogie a look. He’s smiling like a Cheshire cat.

(to Fran)

E-Tu? I’m surprised to hear you’re sending urgent emails.


I don’t abuse it. Usually I resort to it after the third message is ignored.


I’m so sorry…

Doggie jumps in and provides his unsolicited advice.


I figure you can’t go wrong if you start at the top of the food chain
and then work your way down.

He catches Fran’s look. She playfully punches him. Julie nods and gives Doogie what appears to be an admiring look, which Fran sees.


Actually, we all do that. No wonder we can’t get anything done.

At that point, a suited E-STAFF MEMBER walks by Fran’s cubicle, does a double-take and circles back.


Julie! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. Are those reports done yet?


Yes, sir. I was just heading over to the printer to pick them up for you.

The E-STAFF MEMBER gives Doogie and Fran a disapproving look and then turns back to Julie.


Fine. Please bring them to my office ASAP. I’ve got a meeting in 10 minutes and that data is crucial.


Yes, Sir!!

He turns and heads promptly back down the hallway. Julie looks over at Doogie and Fran.


Nice talking to you.


Yeah… sure… Let’s do it again some time.

Julie races down the hall. Doogie continues all confident, with Julie well out of earshot.


Yeah… Like don’t be a stranger.

Fran again punches him in the shoulder.



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