Origins of Jedemi – The Timeline

A huge part of the Jedemi project was the timeline I put together in Excel.  I was working off a hunch that these “spirits from the past” knew each other and/or were exposed to similar influencers. So here are a few snapshots from that huge spreadsheet I put together. Not… more »

Behind the Scenes: Dancing with Sousaphones…

There was a very interesting story in The New York Times that delved a bit behind the scenes of two marching bands: the Human Jukebox of Southern University and the Ohio State University Marching Band. One of the things the article talked about how “the pageantry and power that a… more »

Blending Quality of Life and Fresh, Seasonal Food

I stumbled upon an old issue of Fortune Small Business the other day and found a very inspiring story about how Alice Waters started Chez Panisse. It talked about the challenges she had back in 1971 when she first opened in her place in Berkeley, California. “In no time I… more »

One Heck of a Dream… Twilight Author on Oprah

I was aware of the Twilight series and knew it had a young adult following. But this interview of author Stephenie Meyer on Oprah that I caught purely by accident while I was stretching after my workout was a true eye-opener.

Trying to be like the Cool Kids: Give Microsoft an E for Effort…

Remember just over a year ago, when Microsoft’s attempt at being cool involved running ads that featured Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates shopping at a discount shoe store? The word pleather sticks in my mind… and I guess that’s appropriate since that word describes fake leather (actually it is a… more »