Nicely Done! Google Pays Tribute to Lucy…

On Saturday, the Google Doodle was a fitting tribute to Lucille Ball (“I Love Lucy”) on what would have been her 100th birthday. Using a vintage television that had a volume on/off switch and a play button, Google showed famous clips from the television show. You can read more about… more »

Inkling: Innovative e-Textbooks for the iPad

Talk about innovative!  Matt MacInnis, a Nova Scotia native, Harvard grad, and former Apple employee (eight years), has founded a company called Inkling that mades digital textbooks for the iPad. One of the company’s breakthrough offerings, as mentioned in a Bloomberg/Businessweek feature, is called Brooker Biology which features a 3D… more »

Stop Apologizing Already: We Admire Your Spirit & Civic Pride…

San Francisco Chronicle writer, Scott Ostler named Vancouver ‘Fans’ the Knucklehead of the Week. Glad to see that he put single quotation marks around the word fan because the group of troublemakers that took over the streets of downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins on Wednesday… more »

Phoenix-bound: Tale of a Tribute to Your SF Giants

This is a story about a labor of love. There was a write-up in the San Francisco Chronicle about a non-commissioned work of art created by magazine cover artist, Mark Ulriksen titled, “Your 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants.” The canvas is 4 feet by 5 feet — definitely different… more »

A Weekend of Firsts…

Firsts hit the box office this “first” weekend in March. Rango, an animated feature about an ordinary chameleon who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt, a lawless outpost in the Wild West in desperate need of a new sheriff, was the first cartoon feature directed by Gore Verbinski… more »