NessNotes: Flying like Hawk…

What can I say about Tony Hawk? Well he is like the “Godfather of Skateboarding.” Not only that, but this guy is still out there touring the world bringing skateboarding to the masses!

He is rocking the socks off of people during tours doing off the wall tricks and changing the video game world for the youngsters. He gave rise the what skateboarding is today, mentoring people like Shawn White and setting up foundations to help at risk youth have an outlet and a safe place to skate!

During my research on Tony Hawk, I discovered this tidbit…

Tony himself was labeled a problem kid, what they used to call a “hyperactive” kid, which now a days would probably be a “ADHD” kid.  But rather than being put on meds, he was given an outlet for his energy and BOOM all of a sudden you got a transformation into an amazingly talented and focused kid!

WoW!! Now if everyone did that the world would be a much better place, there would be no more child obesity, no more “ADHD” kids on meds, no more depressed and troubled youth, no more delinquents, they would be happy and active! But I digress, so this talented young man went out and without knowing it followed Joe’s teachings of “Follow Your Bliss.”

How righteous is that?!?

Now he is passing on the message everyday to millions by living his bliss.

So, enjoy the video and always remember what Joe said…..


So, what’s your Bliss?? Comment below! 😉

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