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Jedemi Chronicles SE – The Taming of Viv – 011

Movie night and a change of plans thanks to the gang and some serendipity. The experiment continues with a different Frankie movie at the center of the action.

Jedemi Chronicles SE – The Taming of Viv – 010

The story continues as Viv, with prodding from The Gang via the Nudging Napkins, has engaged cafe patron Steven in a lively discussion. During a chair tipping time-out, she gets feedback and more advice.

Jedemi Chronicles SE – The Taming of Viv – 009

The story continues…
The gang is curious to see if their hunch will play out. Will Viv take their hints? Is their proposed means for communicating going to work?

Jedemi Chronicles SE – The Taming of Viv – 008

The story continues…
Viv takes the night off and heads to the cinema to view a classic. Impactful, the film not only energizes her, but she finds herself revisiting scenes throughout the day. Did her movie companion experience the same feeling?