NVC the 032716 Edition: Vending Meat, Baguettes; Donut Dunking; Lean on…


This week it seems that food was a bubble up as we caught some interesting stories that triggered our imagination.

Biggest deal ever on Shark Tank

Biggest deal ever on Shark Tank

For instance, we learned that a company named Vengo Labs struck a $2 million deal with Shark Tank investors Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner for their vending machine that delivers food along with digital ads. Apparently that was the biggest deal yet on the TV show.

That vending machine story matches up nicely with this one, that actually seemed kind of weird to us.

The dateline was Paris for the AP story about the first meat vending machine that just opened up for business in Paris. The intent is to serve the after-hours folks, said Florence Pouzol a partner in this venture who also happens to own one of the butcher shops in the city.

Meat vending machine Paris

“We’re closed two days: Sundays and Mondays, so this is to cater for customers over the weekend. … The idea was also to serve people after the shop’s closing hours. We close at 8 p.m. but some people leave work very late and find the shop closed when they walk past it.”

The video gives you a sense of what’s available from that bright red machine.

Of course, being the curious types that we are, we couldn’t just look at that video. Instead, we headed over to check out another surprising vending machine story — one that delivered baguettes. Seems that the gentleman behind that venture, Jean-Louis Hecht, had a similar logic.

baguette vending machine paris

“This is the bakery of tomorrow. It is answering a real need. People who work at night or early in the morning can get their fresh bread. To me it’s a public utility.”

That particular breakthrough happened in 2011, so it makes perfect sense to us that now, five years later, you’ve got meat to go along with your bread.

FYI: The baguettes are partially cooked before they are put in the machine, then finished off when ordered and delivered crisp and steaming for €1 each.

More on Food: The San Francisco Sinkers…

donut shops bay area

Maybe we shouldn’t read (#SCMF pursuits) on an empty stomach because the next article that grabbed us was about… donut shops in the SF Bay Area.

From that story we made a mental leap to Frankie’s “It Happened One Night” which has a hilarious scene with Clark Gable as Peter trying to teach rich heiress Ellie Andrews how to dunk a donut.

Capra It Happened One Night Donut Dunking Clark Gable

A scene from “It Happened One Night.”

Peter (Clark Gable): Say, where did you learn to dunk, in finishing school?
Ellie: [indignantly] Aw, now, don’t you start telling me I shouldn’t dunk.
Peter: Of course you shouldn’t. You don’t know how to do it. Dunking’s an art. Don’t let it soak so long. A dip and—plop, into your mouth. If you let it soak so long, it’ll get soft and fall off. It’s all a matter of timing. I ought to write a book about it

One More Foodie Piece:

Okay, here’s one more foodie piece (and we promise we’ll wrap this up).

Leading to the Easter holiday, Cheetos put out a “Don’t Eat the Candy Animals” campaign.
cheetos candy animals campaign

It’s absolutely brilliant! Enjoy!

That’s a Wrap!

This has definitely been a nice change of pace from our usual writings. If you’ve been reading our NVC posts, then you know we usually close out with a song. The one selected for this post was inspired by an article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal about Spotify (Spotify and musicians are playing a new tune to attract listeners).

Spotify Wall Street Journal article

Many musical acts have been scrambling to figure out how to replicate the success of electronic duo Major Lazer, which has earned more than $3 million in royalties from Spotify for its bouncy 2015 dance hit “Lean On.”

We gave that song a listen and fell in love with it — especially since the words sound like they are saying “focus.” Also, it was clear from our Google search that quite a few videos have been created by people who were inspired by the song. You can see some below.

So below is the official video, a lyrics video and a pretty cool “how to” dance video.


Thanks for reading and, as always, #SCMF!

—The Gang

First, here’s the official music video for Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake –

This is the lyric video. Clearly they aren’t singing focus, but rather “blow a kiss.”

This is pretty cool. It’s a dance tutorial for the song.

Lastly, an example of an “inspired by” video. Delightful!

Curious about Spotify? Below is the soundtrack from our “Taming of Viv” book. Check it out!



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