AWSI Musings: Mighties are Magnificent!

Mighties brand kiwifruit

During a swing through Safeway on Sunday, we were struck by a mighty surprise: Kiwifruit packaged in a way that tells a great POS (point-of-sale) story. Very compelling indeed.

The display emphasizes the nutritional benefits AND how easy it is to consume that fuzzy fruit that looks intimidating. Heck, they explain you how you can tell if it is ready-to-eat (a squeeze).
Mighties brand kiwifruit nutrition

Made us want to give the “mighty kiwifruit” a try.

When we got home, we Googled to learn that the Mighties brand had been absorbed by a company called Sun Pacific two years ago. They are the ones behind Cuties, the branded mandarins (packaging features a smiling mandarin with a zipper).

Lots of good messages about this fuzzy fruit (another “what’s essential is invisible to the eye“ example).

  • Mighties kiwi is a low-calorie, nutrient-rich superfood.
  • The name highlights the fruits powerful nutritional package, which includes high levels of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and fiber.

We also learned that this POS packaging and display is part of an effort to triple domestic kiwifruit consumption by 2020 (roughly 5 years).

In the press announcement, Bob DiPiazza, president of Sun Pacific Marketing stated:

What we’re doing with Mighties is making kiwis more accessible.

AWSI, he is definitely on the right track.

For us, the next logical step is serving suggestions. We want an Oatober-esque push to show how people are consuming this mighty, mighty fruit.

Mighties brand kiwifruit options

Scrolling down on this page has some answers:

Mighties brand kiwifruit recipes

And they have a recipe page with some tips.

Plus, there IS an oatmeal option!

Mighties brand kiwifruit oatober


That’s a Wrap!

Just to recap, we just had an amazing adventure triggered by a simple Sunday stroll through Safeway. So the point is, if you are open for serendipity moments, the moments will find you.


—The Gang

Even "questions" are cleverly stated...

Even “questions” are cleverly stated…

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