Revisiting Super Bowl LV Ai Yi Yi !!!

TC found some highlights of the Nickelodeon presentation of the Super Bowl. For fans of Sponge Bob, or those looking for a creative alternative, this is a treat. Enjoy! – the editor

This intro was fantastic!!

And thanks to NFL’s YouTube, we can view / re-visit highlights from the “Nick-cast” here (click).

Note: Of course, the NFL will NOT let us embed their “The Best of Super Bowl LVIII on Nickelodeon” highlight reel. Oh well.
Please to click away and enjoy.

Closing Thoughts…

I had a good feeling when I read the game plan Paramount Global announced for Super Bowl LVIII. They did NOT drop the ball as far as I’m concerned . The Nick simulcast was a hit! Way entertaining (at least in my humble opinion). Got thoughts??

Thanks for reading and hanging out with me!–TC


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