In Dallas, No Style Points for Hitting the Big Screen

Everything is big in Texas, right? So it shouldn’t surprise you that the new $1.15 billion stadium for the Dallas Cowboys would have a gianormous 160-foot long video scoreboard (a 600-ton Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision System) that just so happens to hangs 90 feet directly over the center of the… more »

I’m a Mac Continues to Amaze…

Peter Kafka, in his Media Memo post for All Things Digital, had a funny story about the new Apple “I’m a Mac” ad that throws Patrick Warburton, best known as “Puddy” on “Seinfeld” into the mix as the “Top of the line PC.”

Sony’s Wireless e-Reader Draws a Blank

When I heard that Sony was announcing a wireless e-reader, I kind of shrugged my shoulders thinking not much of it.  Seemed like a preemptive shot at whatever Apple had going for their September announcement anyway, so what the heck? However, when I read a story about it in The… more »

Cool Packaging — Like Origami for Popcorn…

Here’s a brilliant and elegant solution for microwave popcorn that was created by a student at the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland.

WordPress Wonders — Making Sing

“What’s essential is invisible to the eye…” Anyone who has worked with me knows that I have a constant flow of creative ideas that I somehow manage to capture from time to time, in my journal or on a napkin or, if I’m really being structured, in mock-ups using PowerPoint…. more »