Serendipity and April in Paris…

In Episode 1 of the Jedemi Chronicles, I have field dispatches from a team that’s following Katie through her business trip in Europe.

The dispatches are written at 0100 the next day. So, for example the Sunday 0100 dispatch covers Saturday’s activities.

My thought is that these arrive at the cafe overnight for Viv to check out when she opens. The gang gets to preview and comment before Viv shows up (this will make more sense once you read the pilot and prequels).

The Enchanted Jukebox tends to play Big Band a lot, so I was seeking Count Basie’s One O’Clock Jump.

While at YouTube, one of the suggested videos was Count Basie’s April in Paris.

Is that serendipity or what?

Upon further review I made a couple more discoveries.

Yes, this links to a scene in “Blazing Saddles” where the Big Band is playing “April in Paris” as the new sheriff rides through the desert.

The other random discovery is that “April in Paris” is on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto. Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 (JNR) is this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack’s jazz radio station.

This is a really fun project.


Here’s Benny Goodman’s version of One O’Clock Jump.

Check out the dancing!

And more Benny…

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