Mickey Just Wants to Fly (1928)

This was a fun discovery… I found on YouTube Mickey Mouse’s first ever TV appearance (which had its debut on May 15, 1928).

Working with a flying theme, Mickey’s inspiration was Charles “Lindy” Lindbergh.

A year earlier, on May 21, 1927, Charles A. Lindbergh completed the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in history, flying his Ryan NYP “Spirit of St. Louis” 5,810 kilometers (3,610 miles) between Roosevelt Field on Long Island, New York, and Paris, France, in 33 hours, 30 minutes. With this flight, Lindbergh won the $25,000 prize offered by New York hotel owner Raymond Orteig to the first aviator to fly an aircraft directly across the Atlantic between New York and Paris. When he landed at Le Bourget Field in Paris, Lindbergh became a world hero who would remain in the public eye for decades.

Source: Milestones of Flight

I viewed it with the volume muted and my iTunes playing Benny Goodman’s “Air Mail Special.” It was a perfect match.

Air Mail Special — Goodman


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