Boot Kicks Butt…

It all started with me looking up and seeing a Timberland boot doing something I have failed at — jumping rope.

What the…?

My latest recreational activity has been to watch regional broadcasts of hockey. The Timberland PRO ad was part of the Carolina Hurricane coverage(   I had to know more about this “Strong man” ad where the boot kicked butt.

Found out that Mullen, Boston was responsible. And upon further review, I found Mullen’s write-up (from June 2010… so old, but fresh to my eyes)

Timberland PRO was introducing an innovative new Anti-Fatigue technology into the heavy-duty industrial footwear category. The challenge was that many of their target consumers (industrial workers between the ages of 25 and 45) had established brand loyalties (Wolverine, RedWing or Rocky work boots).

The campaign was focused on two main objectives: awareness and conversion.

Mullen recognized an opportunity to position Timberland PRO as a worker’s advocate.

The Anti-Fatigue technology in Timberland PRO Endurance work boots provides our targets with increased standing tolerance so they were able to focus on their jobs and not on their feet. This idea gave birth to a larger campaign platform of “Stay on Your Feet.”

It was a fully integrated digital campaign that included a mobile WAP site and partnership with CareerBuilder, and more (like the TV ad showcasing the anti-fatigue technology kicking butt).

Pretty clever. I have boot envy.


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