Dominoes Makes Delivery Point without Social Networking…

UPDATED:  These days, it seems like every marketing campaign is heavy on social networking aspect (i.e. Twitter, Facebook tie-ins) since that’s what’s perceived to be “in.” I guess that’s why I found this approach by Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands especially refreshing. It’s very visual and very much in line with where its hungry audience may be, which often times is not at home or near a food concessionaire.
To drive home the point that Domino’s, customers can have a pizza delivered pretty much anywhere, white doors were placed in the park and on the beach.


Dubbed Domino’s Delivery Points, the doors prominently featured the company’s phone number, as well as doorbells for delivery people to ring.

It’s a brilliant idea!

This campaign, which was developed by creative agency Indie Amsterdam, should give Domino’s a boost that will last year-round, especially with the influx of students visiting Amsterdam and the beach crowds. From an awareness standpoint, this campaign is a grand slam home run. And if the pizza is actually good tasting, the residual effect could be fantastic.


[Source: Springwise]

If your are interested in learning what Domino’s is doing in the States, check out this AdAge article where Antony Young of Optimedia compares the media strategy Domino’s versus Pizza Hut.  In particular, he points out things Domino’s did well with outdoor campaigns and promotions:

Outdoors: In July 2009, Domino garnered industry attention with a unique outdoor promotion of its “American Legends” pizza. In the execution, 200 Domino’s logos of “GreenGraffiti” were “cleaned” into dirty sidewalks throughout Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York, using a high-pressure water hose to spray the eco-friendly images, which appeared in clean relief against the grime on a street.

Domino’s developed a word-of-mouth marketing program enlisting House Party, a consumer activation and experiential marketing company, to promote the Domino’s American Legends Pizzas by sharing them at 2,000 in-home parties across the country. An estimated 30,000 qualified consumer advocates trialed regional-designed pizzas such as a Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch or a Philly Cheese Steak.

Overall, he rated Domino’s media strategy as highly-effective.  I would definitely give it high scores in creativity.


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