Breslin & the Inventing the Mets

There was an awesome story in the Sunday NY Times about Jimmy Breslin and the ’62 NY Mets.

Breslin, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, talked about bad Mets teams. “Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?: The Improbable Saga of the New York Mets’ First Year,” was just released in e-Book format. The timing is perfect considering this is the 50th birthday of the Mets.

When they started as an expansion team in New York City in 1962, the Mets were horrible. How bad? They lost 120 of the 160 games they played. The book description says, “the Mets came to life in a blaze of delightful, awe-inspiring ineptitude. They may have been losers, but a team this awful deserves to be remembered as legends.”

According to the Times piece, the Mets “were wonderful comic relief for a sport grown stagnant and a city that had lost the Dodgers and the Giants.”

Breslin himself is a legend. Check out the video on the Open Road Media website where “Can’t Anybody …” and nine other books by Breslin have been released as e-books.

Here’s a good tidbit from the Times story. It mentions a review of Breslin’s book by Charles Poore who called it an imaginative spoof: Jimmy Breslin has invented a fabulous baseball club he calls the Mets.


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