Mets Game in SF: Two Homers by Davis, Triple by Beltran Signs of Hope

The big news for Met fans on Saturday night was the fact that the team’s scoreless streak FINALLY came to an end. Seeing Carlos Beltran leg out a triple and Ike Davis plunking his home run into the Cove to drive him home, was a beautiful thing. Too bad the Mets were already buried in a 6-run hole that they couldn’t overcome.

Ike hits the Cove...

Ike hits the Cove...

Ike's home run trot.

Ike's home run trot.

Being in the ballpark that evening, the folks in the rows behind us allowed us to cheer loudly.

And at “stretch” time, we kindly took our bows and bailed out.


Getting out with a smile...

Here’s a link to the game re-cap.


It was nice to be safely tucked into an Oakland (RockRidge) bar, drinking affordable microbrew beers when the game wrapped.



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