MetsSloppily: Board Game that’s Spot on…

As if being a New York Mets fan this year isn’t sad enough, while perusing the Weekend section of The Wall Street Journal this morning, I almost spewed my coffee when I came upon this: MetsSloppily.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Jason Fry, with a little help from his friends (no doubt!), came up with a board game that pretty much summarizes the twists and turns of the Mets’ season (see more pictures below).  Also, if you visit, you can play around with the interactive version of the board game.


Click on Delgado and this is what you get.


At least this year, there are no worries about the Mets blowing it down the stretch.  Follow this link to to see the reaction.  There may be no crying in baseball, but nobody mentioned no laughing until you cry.



From newspaper version


Passing Go…


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