Buck’s Cafe Buzzes with Dealmaking Breakfasts…

bucksThe San Jose Mercury News (MercuryNews.com) just did a story about how Buck’s cafe in Woodside, California is again buzzing with the sound of deals being made.

“There is more activity on the venture capital front. There is renewed enthusiasm,” said Jamis MacNiven, who co-owns the restaurant with his wife, Margaret. “A year ago, it was about as bleak as it has ever been. People were talking about the drop in home values and joblessness as opposed to deal flows. Now the topic is back on business.”

The story mentioned how on a recent morning, just about every one of the cafe’s 110 seats were occupied – even at 10 in the morning.  Table-to-table networking was in full swing as servers swerved around handshakes and card exchanges to deliver bowls of granola and yogurt, the meal of choice for high-powered eaters.

Founded in 1991, thousands of start-ups trace their roots to Buck”s cafe in Woodside.  MacNiven wrote an engaging book (“Breakfast at Bucks: Tales From the Pancake Guy“) in 2004. Perhaps it is time for a sequel.


Worked on a promotion for InfoPartners where limited edition coffee mugs were made showing Jamis on one side and “InfoPartner Man” on the other.




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