Chicken Winging: Another Great Hockey Phrase…

I just became aware of another cool hockey phrase: Chicken-winged.

It isn’t a reference to food. Rather it has something to do with one player holding onto another player’s stick in a “wing-like” fashion. A sort of tug-of-war ensues resulting in an inadvertent hooking penalty.

That’s what happened during the Western Conference semifinal series, where the Vancouver Canucks beat the Predators in Nashville by the score of 3-2.

During the match, Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler drew the penalty 10:05 into the extra period by bending over and trapping Nashville captain Shea Weber’s stick in his belly while the defenseman pounded on him trying to get his stick back. Weber was sent off for hooking on the questionable call.

“He chicken-winged the stick and kept moving, and really if you look at it, Webs is pushing on him, trying to pull his stick out of there,” Nashville coach Barry Trotz said. “I’ve seen it before. One of the earlier games, he drew a couple penalties like that by chicken-winging the stick and just holding it there and keep moving and see if he can sell it.”

The Canucks ended up scoring 40 seconds into the power play to take a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 series. In the clip below, it appears about one minute in.

Could be an excellent sponsorship opportunity for WingStop or Buffalo Wild Wings.

Source: CBS Sports and SFGate.

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