GSP Does Chicken Right…

Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GSP) scored big time during the 2010 Super Bowl with its “Screamin’ Chicken” ads for Denny’s.  A story appearing on Monday in The Wall Street Journal said, “A Denny’s commercial, in which chickens scream in terror at the thought of the eggs needed to support the restaurant chain’s breakfast special, was among several ads that got high marks from ad executives and consumers surveyed by The Wall Street Journal.

First Scream…

Lots of Screaming

The Denny’s Free Grand Slam Giveaway took place on Tuesday. The media coverage of the actual event was huge. In their press release, Nelson Marchioli, Denny’s CEO, said, “Once again our Free Grand Slam giveaway was a great day for Americans and a great day for Denny’s. We welcomed millions of Americans into our restaurants and served them our signature Grand Slam breakfast. We received an outpouring of the most genuine and heartwarming comments from our guests, servers and managers. We hope to continue to connect with our guests with real affordable offers all year long so they can fall in love with Denny’s again.”

Denny’s served approximately 2 million Grand Slams across the U.S. Some restaurants served more than 200 breakfasts an hour, however, this increase from last year was offset by bad weather across the country.  See more Fast Facts below.

The Inside Coup: Another GSP Chicken campaign…

While others spent Monday voting on their favorite Super Bowl ads, I did some legwork on GSP which I knew was the agency for Foster Farms.

Say No to Plumping

Sure enough, the whole “Say No to Plumping” campaign and website was designed by GSP.



“Plumping” refers to injecting chickens with seawater to increase their weight, which also increases the sodium content. And as the site’s talkative chickens point out, high-sodium diets contribute to heart problems, and plumping adds to the price of store-bought chicken.

Here is one of the ads.

Foster Farms – Bullhorn

Circling back to the Denny’s campaign, it will take a while to unscramble the data to see how many of the Denny’s FREE Grand Slam customers came because of the commercials, the press coverage of the commercials,  or from word of mouth (perhaps all of the above).

One thing for sure, if you need an agency that can do fowl things, give Goodby, Silverstein & Partners ( a call.

Note:  Don’t go to their website unless you have the latest Flash installed.  That rules out a lot of the iPhone toting creative community.

More Fast Facts on Denny’s Free Grand Slam giveaway:henery_hawk_300

— There were approximately 49 million hits on Denny’s website since the Super Bowl giveaway was announced; almost 24 million hits since Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials.

— Average wait time for Grand Slams was approximately fifteen to thirty minutes.

— Tables were turned approximately every fifteen minutes.

— Denny’s was a top ten trending topic on Twitter for Grand Slam Day and during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

— Close to 300,000 have already registered for the new Denny’s Rewards program. The first 500,000 people who sign up will receive a Free Burger and Fries. Register online at through February 14.


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