Do you want to Tweet about it? Help is available…

Do you want to tweet about it?  I’ll help you… compose a tweet…if you like…

Has anyone said this to you recently?   I just found out that it is a phrase from a Sprint commercial I hadn’t seen (because the one making its run on my stations here in the SF Bay area is “Coffee Shop.”).

But circling back to Ms. TweetAboutIt, there are two people who probably could have used her help. Today, it was reported that comedian, Gilbert Gottfried. the voice of the Aflac TV duck since 2000, lost that job because of his insensitive Twitter messages mocking the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

“There is no place for anything but compassion and concern during these difficult times,” Aflac’s Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Zuna, told the Associated Press.

You might have heard of the controversy surrounding the F-Bomb that was accidentally tweeted by Chrysler’s social media agency. The “Tweetee” and his agency have been banished.

AdAge did a write-up about the controversy.

“After the expletive went out, it was quickly deleted, but had been retweeted by a few Chrysler followers and spread to blogs. “Even if it had gone out under their private account, we would have had issues with it as it indirectly referenced a Chrysler ad and violated the company’s policy about texting while driving,” said Chrysler spokeswoman Dianna Guitierrez. (Ad Age was unable to determine whether the tweet went out while the employee was indeed driving.)”

Automobile blog, Jalopnik, had an interesting take:

“But what this comes down to is that this was a mistake by a human being, not a deliberate action. Contrast that with this** one minute and 30 second video compiling every swear word uttered by Chrysler’s latest spokesperson, Eminem, a man who has turned ironic misogyny into a profession, on just one album.”

** I’m not linking to it. Anyone who knows the lyrics of Eminem knows.

But I will show you the Sprint “Tweet About It” ad.


Update: Seems Sprint’s “TweetAboutIt” lady is drawing interest. I’ve been told she is Mary Crosbie. She is originally from Canada, but now based in New York. She is part of several sketch comedy troupes.

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