Great Discovery! Daily Grommet

Special thanks go out to the Sunday New York Times and especially writer Amy Wallace for introducing me to the Daily Grommet.

It is a Web site that promotes innovation by endorsing what they call “nice companies,” ones with well-made products and impeccable service. If those products preserve a craft or protect the environment, they say, all the better.


According to the story, what distinguishes Daily Grommet from other Web marketplaces like eBay or Etsy is that to be featured on Daily Grommet, you have to be chosen. In the tradition of the seal-of-approval judges at Good Housekeeping, the 15-person Daily Grommet team does its own research and features only products and companies it has battle-tested.

Particularly interesting is the story behind the use of the word “grommet.”


“It’s a wonderful product still waiting in the wings, just ripe for discovery. It comes from a designer, or inventor, or artist or manufacturer who is clearly passionate about what they create.”

As for the “daily” part, every weekday at noon Eastern time, the site posts “Today’s Grommet.” There are pictures and prices, as well as a video made by the site that shows how to use the product and often introduces its creators.

This is an awesome idea. I just signed up for their newsletter and look forward to viewing their discoveries and hopefully contributing some discoveries of my own.


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