Kook Honors Oprah…

Oprah Winfrey signed off this week. It was a story followed around the world AND on the shores of the California coast where she received the honor of being “kookified.”

Background on “The Kook.”

Created by Hemet sculptor Matthew Antichevich under a $92,000 commission from the Cardiff Botanical Society, the 16-foot tall sculpture was installed three years ago just outside the San Elijo State Beach campground (North San Diego County). Critics immediately blasted it as effeminate, not enough like a surfer — more a ballet dancer than a macho rider of waves.

Since its installation in 2007 along Highway 101 in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, the statue named “Magic Carpet Ride” by its creator Matthew Antichevich has taken on many faces. Much discussed & maligned, eaten by ‘Jaws’, crowned with a pumpkin head, and dressed as everything from a clown to Zorro – the delight and debate that is the “Cardiff Kook” happily rages on…The Cardiff Kook occupies a prominent piece of real estate near some of the most popular surf breaks along the San Diego coastline. Once erected, both surfers & non-surfers immediately began chiming in over what many agree is a poor representation of the ‘true’ surfer form. Perhaps it’s the limp wrists, arms splayed in a strange manner, ’stink-bug’ stance, or portrayal atop a sputtering spray – instead of an epic wave… The Kook has heard it all, and has since become the target of pranksters far and wide.

The Wall Street Journal featured the “Kook” in a story last September.


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