Lululemon’s “Galtian” Fashion Risk…

Vancouver, British Columbia-based lululemon athletica, a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that creates “components” (hoodies, pants, towels,etc.) for people to live a long, healthy and fun life, is causing quite a stir with an Ayn Rand reference appearing on its shopping bags.

Who is John Galt?

This question is asked early and often in Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, that was published in 1957. Through her writings, Rand espoused a free market philosophy, which promotes the idea of individuals living for their self-interest and dismisses altruism.

Atlas Shrugged

In its blog, it was pointed out that Dennis J. Wilson, founder and chairman of Lululemon, first read “Atlas Shrugged” when he was 18 years old. Only later, looking back, did he realize the impact the book’s ideology had on his quest to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness (it is not coincidental that this is lululemon’s company vision).

So these are Rally Bags to get folks to overcome mediocrity. Makes sense to me.

Our bags are visual reminders for ourselves to live a life we love and conquer the epidemic of mediocrity. We all have a John Galt inside of us, cheering us on.

How are we going to live lives we love?

So maybe how the message got communicated was controversial. That doesn’t make it any less relevant. In fact, now is a really good time for folks to acquaint or reacquaint themselves with the works of Ayn Rand (put those new Kindles and iPads to work!).


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