Map My Annie…

We are still on the lookout. You can follow along here.

  • The week of 12 December, she was seen in Pacifica, CA (BART + Uber) made it a bit challenging for St. X. He had “inside” help from Doc.
  • The week of 19 December, she rambled to Rodeo, which got the Jukebox to think Rodeo (see below).
  • And moving towards New Year’s Eve, we got this – looks like an endcap at Target.

The Enchanted Jukebox Sez…

For the week of 12 December, this is the song our Enchanted Jukebox provided:

…Now I won’t feel those heavy shoulders no more
My life got better now I finally enjoy
Yes all the people wanna come here and so
Come on and join us, you can do that now
Let’s go, follow me and let’s go!
To the place where we belong
And leave our troubles at home
Come with me, we can go
To a paradise of love and joy
A destination unknown!

For the week of 19 December, the city visited triggered a musical flashback.

Inspired by the New Year’s Target endcap:


Stay tuned.  That girl is moving around quite a bit.


—Dossie & The Gang

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